Light, Medium, Or Dark

Understanding Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts

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Have you ever wondering what is the difference between roasts? Well that is where we come in, as the roast masters! Let us break it down, Dunn Brothers Coffee offers 3 different kinds of roasts which include; light, medium, and dark. The light roast is generally characterized as being light in color and also has  a milder coffee flavor.

Next, the medium is a little darker in color than the light and has a stronger flavor. The medium is often consider the American roast, because it is generally served and preferred in the US. Medium-dark is rich in flavor with a little darker color than the medium.

Lastly, the dark roast is exactly what it sounds like dark. The coffee beans are roasted long enough to produce an oily surface and produce shiny black beans. There is also a distinguishable bitterness to this roast.

If you wish to learn more about the different roasts be sure to check out our website to increase your roasting IQ! Read more
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Dunn Bros Coffee - Loring Park

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Dunn Bros Coffee - Loring Park

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